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The World Needs More Champions For Children

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$84,000 goal

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Ignite Hope exists to bridge the gaps between children in crisis from Preborn to Permanency and the families that choose to stand with them because too many children are living in nightmares most of us can't see or understand. This prevents them from living a life of belonging and spiritual well-being.

We Bridge these gaps in three ways.

  • Advocating for awareness of issues that affect children in crisis in our communities, in churches, and in government.
  • Researching for Resources for individuals needs to help fill gaps left by trauma and crisis events, providing the needed resources both physically and spiritually.
  • Encourage understanding belonging and spiritual well-being for Children in Crisis and the families that choose to stand with them.

Our Goal is 84,000 for supporting 12 new Families and continuing our Advocating, Researching, and Encouraging better lives for children in crisis.

These children need recurring donations from caring families like yours. If 70 of you will donate $100 a month we will reach the goal of doubling our impact this coming year.

Every donation will create a ripple effect that and change the future for these children.